11 tiện ích tốt nhất Magento 2 để xây dựng một trang web thương mại điện tử nhiều nhà cung cấp. Xem giá và demo ngay.

    Owning reliable marketplace software is the key to run a successful business. The magento 2 marketplace should be capable enough to handle all the basic features that are essential for selling a product. Every single minute, there are many new ecommerce portals are emerging into the market.

    To survive in this digital world, your multi vendor platform should be quite simple as well as attractive. Magento 2 marketplace software is gaining more responses from users nowadays. Let us get into detail.

What is Magento 2 Marketplace Software?

    Magento 2 marketplace software is the next generation online store platform that provides merchants a genuine selection of solutions and thus ensures the benefit for all the parties who are involved in the process of online marketplace site. Magento is a feature-rich platform that holds numerous paid and free extensions that can enhance the platform in a better way.

    The marketplace magento 2 can attract more visitors to your platform. More the visitors then greater will be the conversion rate. Thus it will benefit the vendors in increasing their sales and revenue.

    In the customer’s point, Magento marketplace software offers huge product options and the customers can compare the same product with several vendors at a time. The vendor who sells the product with the lowest price can be seen on top and customers can sort the list according to their priority.

Why Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Software is taking advantage of Other Ecommerce Platforms?

    Tons of benefits can be enjoyed by using the magento 2 multi vendor marketplace externsion and module . When coupled with the platform, the magento 2 extension imparts outstanding flexibility and the admin can experience legit multi vendor management capabilities and enormous options for expanding the business and gain a reliable growth in the market.

  •     Perfect customer-vendor relationship – Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace can ensure you to have a well-organized interaction between the vendor and the customer. It holds perfect communication services so that customers can easily get in touch with the vendors.

  •     Universal presence – each vendor can get their products reached to all remote places and every nook and corner of the world will come to know about their products. Thus can have a universal presence and gain greater visibility.

  •     Development time and cost – each vendor can have their online store with a dedicated admin panel and this reduces the development cost as well as the development time.

  •     Business growth – Magento 2 marketplace extension is highly scalable so each vendor can add many new products and its catalog periodically.

    All these features have made Magento marketplace software to be the most preferred platform for the customers.

Now let us Analyze the Top 11 Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Software that is Ruling the Digital Market.

1. Bigziel


    The ultimate white-labeled and ready -to-go magento 2 multi vendor marketplace software that is highly trusted by its users. You can invite different vendors for selling their products comfortably in your marketplace.

    Platform Highlights

    Get all-over access to all unique features with a one-time payment process and lifetime license platform. It supports a fully customizable user experience, highly scalable software to get more customers and data information.

    An enriched feature mobile app for both Android and iOS systems will snatch more attention for mobile users on your platform. Turn your marketplace into a fully-fledged platform with a dedicated mobile app. The exceptional UI/UX design will bring more traffic to your site, and user-friendly. Bigziel brings out fast loading smart performance and less bounce rate.

    Key Features

  • The one-step checkout reduces the abandonment rate and increases the conversion rate.
  • Supports various payment methods.
  • Layered navigation extension that speeds-up the buying process.
  • Exclusive mobile apps that support both android and IOS.
  • One-time payment and lifetime license.
  • More filter options that enhance user experience.
  • Easy to export orders with any shipping and payment method.

    Top-Notch Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Online Grocery eCommerce store*
  • Online fashion eCommerce store
  • Lifestyle eCommerce Store
  • HandCraft Ecommerce Software
  • Health Care & Pharmacy store


  • This Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace platform well-structured and suitable for any business model.
  • Fully scalable marketplace software that helps you grow your business and sales.
  • Magento 2 Multi vendor marketplace with a well-defined user interface.
  • Multiple payment gateways are can be integrated with Magento 2 marketplace.
  • Plenty of delivery options has given for shoppers to choose their preferred one.


  • A slight improvement is needed in the reporting system
  • It offers a constant and customizable marketplace solution, on the heavier part.

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes

Explore Zielcommerce

2. Landofcoder


    The rich feature Landofcoder magento 2 multi vendor marketplace completely fulfills the seller and buyers' demand. The fast search function will give a hassle-free experience to the customers. Vendors can easily sign-up with a simple registration process. Also, the magento 2 marketplace extension software works fast and brings convenience to both customers and the owners.

    The multi vendor marketplace for magneto 2 will support all the templates and themes, it will always be compatible with compassionate web designs. Magento 2 multi vendor will not affect the performance of your eCommerce stores which is already existing and will support all magento 2 caches.


  • Simple review and rating system that allows customers to share their feedback about the product
  • Reasonable price
  • Multiple payment gateways integrated
  • Instant vendor messaging system
  • Upload multiple products in bulk.
  • Powerful SEO management.

    **Prominent Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace **

  • Online Ecommerce Platform
  • Jewellery eCommerce Platform
  • Electronics eCommerce Platform
  • Furniture eCommerce Platform
  • Online Fashion eCommerce platform


  • An excellent commission plan expedites sellers to perform well
  • SEO-friendly marketplace software gets rank in search engines.
  • No hidden cost at the time you buy this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace.


  • Shortage of personalized products.
  • There is a chance that the consumer might be manipulated and made to buy things does not want. By promoting attractive ads or special discounts.

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes.

Explore Landofcoder

3. Magebay


    A stunning magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension platform that supports all business models like B2B, B2C, and C2C. Magebay marketplace magento 2 software is up-to-date in Magento's life and all new technologies are involved in the development process. Also, it comes with free installation and user guide. By using Magebay you can boost your business and can gain more customers

    Magento 2 marketplace by Magebay will transform your online store into a growing eCommerce marketplace. It is highly scalable with infinite management and customization, magneto multi seller marketplace extension tools help you grow your online business. It permits multiple vendors to sell products and orders on your website, with an all-inclusive and complete solution. Magento 2 marketplace with building membership option, customizable commission, and scheduled payment for a vendor.


  • Secured messaging between customers and sellers
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Compatible with any smart devices.
  • A powerful dashboard to manage the overall operation.
  • Import/export multiple products
  • Social sharing and promote the online promotion of the product.

    A Notable Use Cases Magento 2 Marketplace solution

  • Fashion and designs ecommerce platform
  • Bookselling ecommerce platform
  • Refurbished product selling online store
  • Food ordering online platform
  • Craft product eCommerce platform


  • The best design and user-friendly dashboard for admin
  • Unlimited products and also no limit for vendors to add
  • It offers you to create subscriptions for the vendors.


  • A bulk product (addition) facility is not available in this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace.
  • The 3rd party integration is quite challenging with this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace.

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes.

    Explore Magebay

4. Vnecoms


    Vnecoms is the most comprehensive magento 2 multi vendor marketplace that allows the sellers to have a customizable storefront. The owner and the seller can manage the store from any device and from anywhere. Through its SEO optimization, you can organically attract customers to your magento 2 multi vendor marketplace.

    The best magento 2 marketplace extension is a tool that can completely transform an online store into a multi vendor marketplace, multiple vendors can be notified and customer can do their transactions. It provides permission to vendors to add, sell and manage their inventory in a simple way while customers can evaluate sellers for their services.


  • All default Magento product types are supported.
  • Flexible commission management.
  • A personalized dashboard for each seller through which they can get a detailed report about their selling.
  • Easy and simple order management

    Incomparable Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Garments and accessories eCommerce platform
  • Handicrafts shop online
  • Online music store
  • Online movies platform
  • Electronic eCommerce store


  • A better-personalized brand image can be gained in this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace.
  • This platform provides better customer service experience.
  • Simple and easy third-party integration can be done in this magento 2 marketplace.


  • Payment gateway integration needs more attention
  • Multi vendor marketplace software is not entirely compatible with devices.

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes.

    Explore Vnecoms

5. Webkul


    The perfect magento 2 multi vendor marketplace with responsive web design enables sellers to gain perfect branding. Webkul is provided with SEO friendly URLs that will get you ranked in Google searches. Webkul is developed totally on the codebase of the magento 2 multi vendor marketplace application platform and is well known for its scalability.

    In this Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace tool that will convert the online store into a marketplace, where the countless vendor selling products, manage their data information, thus selling has become extremely handy. Multi vendor magento 2 extension had a unique tool with numerous benefits that can into consideration.


  • Real-time notification to sellers and buyers during order placement.
  • Vendors can easily manage the order and can generate invoices.
  • A clean and modern landing page with enhanced UI/UX.
  • Low stock notification is enabled that helps in inventory management.

    Recognized Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace

  • Handmade products eCommerce platform
  • Educational books eCommerce store
  • Food delivery multi vendor marketplace platform
  • Fashion and clothing eCommerce platform
  • Pharmacy eCommerce platform


  • Great mobile-friendly marketplace software.
  • It excellent supports iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Availability of Built-in marketing tools helps to promote the marketplace platform


    The mobile app of this multi-seller marketplace platform minor bugs to fix. Need more customer support to be efficient

    Customization Possibilities - yes Demo – Yes

    Explore Webkul

6. Apptha


    The best appropriate magento 2 marketplace extension solution that can uplift your business. Apptha holds an exceptional value and great performance in integrating the magento 2 multi vendor marketplace with your website. This magento 2 multi vendor marketplace holds plenty of features that are essential for a successful ecommerce portal

    This magento 2 multi vendor extension allows user to turn their magento store into a scalable magento 2 multi vendor marketplace with its excellent features and wide range of customizations. Vendors can manage their inventory, handling shipping methods, and sell products from the website itself. The valuable range of features to assist magento marketplaces to get their potential.


  • Easy to apply multiple filters.
  • Fast page loading that is appreciated by the visitors.
  • Vendor-specific URL is allowed
  • Sellers can import YouTube videos
  • The bulk emailing option is enabled
  • The product sold count is visible.

    Best Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Online ticket booking eCommerce platform
  • Online cab booking eCommerce platform
  • Electronics eCommerce Platform
  • Clothing eCommerce platform
  • The health care product eCommerce Platform


  • It had high-end media files to enhance the the credibility of this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace
  • It has a high loading speed
  • In this platform, customers can share their feedback or reviews on the social networking sites


  • Little more device-friendly might be much better
  • Having more themes to customize the magento 2 multi vendor marketplace will have the best results.

    ***Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes

    Explore Apptha

7. Module Bazaar


    An interactive platform for vendors and sellers. This magento 2 multi vendor marketplace will let you showcase your products to the customers and allows them to contact the respective seller. The responsive seller dashboard will hold all necessary information like pricing, shipment details and many more.

    Magento 2 marketplace extension works encompassing tool help the magento user website into perfect multi vendor marketplaces in a comprehensive way. Marketplace owners can join vendors, tracking transactions, the commission rates for each group.


  • Separate seller interface
  • Simple and configurable product types
  • Vendor vacation mode can allow vendors to be idle for a specific timeline.
  • Multiple product upload on a bulk basis.
  • Supporting more than 10 payment gateways.

    Intuitive Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Travel eCommerce platform
  • Educational training eCommerce platform
  • Online e-Booking eCommerce platform
  • grocery eCommerce platform
  • Fashion eCommerce platform


  • Simple customization options are available
  • Highly scalable and reliable platform
  • There is no need for any technical knowledge to access the platform.


  • Not having too many options for a revenue stream in this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace.
  • Customer’s ratings options should be convenient and more specific.

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes

    Explore Modulebazaar

8. CMSmart


    A complete ecommerce solution that has Magento responsive theme with integrated magento 2 multi vendor marketplace package. CMSmart is rated with 5 stars for its quality and has been ranked 1 internationally for being a best seller.

    CMSmart provides vendor reviews as a default. the profile can be customized by vendors, banners, and logos to be shine among the competitors, product listing option, and vendor can optimize their unique URL. Including the chances of setting unique commission prices for different marketplace vendors


  • A guaranteed 24/7 ticket support is provided.
  • Amazon cloud hosting support
  • New upgrade monthly
  • Online training regarding usage and documentation.

    Versatile Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Hyperlocal eCommerce platform
  • Mobile & accessories eCommerce platform
  • Cosmetics eCommerce platform
  • Travel eCommerce platform
  • Electronic eCommerce platform


  • Analytics report will show a clear performance of your business growth
  • Right monetization integration in this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace
  • Customer support 24/7 available.


  • For a better result in search engine ranking, the magento 2 multi vendor marketplace should be SEO-friendly.
  • It should have more device compatible

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes

9. Cedcommerce


    A real one-stop solution for all aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build a magento 2 multi vendor marketplace platform. Cedcommerce enables you to transform your Magento website into a rich-featured magento 2 marketplace extension platform. You can own a tailor-made website that can meet all your specific business requirements.

    This magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension will merge multiple vendors on a platform, they can able to view their products, separate vendor dashboards, and sales reports. The vendor has an option for product creation as configure, joined, and grouped.


  • Innovative UI/UX design attracts more visitors
  • Smart inventory management helps you to maintain the stock effectively
  • An advanced reporting system gives you a clear picture of your business.
  • Mobile optimized and can expect more mobile users to land into your page.

    Great Use Cases Magento 2 Marketplace

  • Online bookselling eCommerce platform
  • Food & Snack online platform
  • Ticket booking eCommerce platform
  • Electrical eCommerce platform
  • Healthcare eCommerce platform.


  • It has more attractive features that will bring more attention from sellers to be part of this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace
  • Much dedicated dashboard for the seller, to have a clear picture of their performance.
  • Analytics and metrics for several reports.


  • Continuous support from the technical team to access the platform
  • The cost factor high on their magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension.

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes

10. Webnex


    Webnex is a trustworthy magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension that holds a separate seller section and inbuilt review and feedback system. This marketplace magento platform is quite easy to install and set-up. The responsive web design will allow us to access the multi vendor marketplace for magento 2 marketplace software in any smart device.

    It provides all the basic features for set up a Magento 2 Marketplace. It will maintain the marketplace quality and vendor policies that ensure a balance between the vendor and customer. It can help you to maintain the records of each vendor and their product list.


  • Different commission rates for different vendors
  • Vendors can enable and disable their products.
  • Realtime SKU checks while creating and editing the products.
  • Compatible with all logistic integrations.
  • The product comparison option helps the shopper to compare the product within the marketplace.

    Silent Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Mobile accessories eCommerce platform
  • Movie booking eCommerce platform
  • Food and beverages eCommerce platform
  • Online jewellery eCommerce platform
  • Organic product eCommerce platform


  • Simple and multiple store management
  • Easy inventory control and order management
  • Advanced search and filtering option on this magento 2 multi vendor marketplace


  • The magento 2 multi vendor payment gateway integration should more flexible.
  • Need more concentration on technical support for beginners

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes

11. Mage Bees


    A simple and faster magento 2 multi vendor marketplace with flexible tools for transferring orders. The validation feature can ensure that the data imported is in the right order and processed without errors. The sellers can have all types of products and can avail of different payment methods.

    Magento 2 multi vendor extension by joining a group of vendors on a platform. It helps them reach their customers and begin selling in no time. It offers a separate dashboard for the seller to manage their own accounts, transaction, sales, reports and other as well.


  • Lifetime free upgrades
  • 100% open source and easy to customize.
  • Support fast page loading.
  • Flexible to set-up commission for sellers.
  • Well organized and attractive pages.

    Splendid Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Solution

  • Garments eCommerce platform
  • Online ticket booking platform
  • Hyperlocal eCommerce platform
  • Pharmacy eCommerce platform
  • Online e-book selling eCommerce platform


  • Built-in marketing tools helps in promoting brands gain a higher rating
  • A perfect payment gateway is well integrated
  • This Magento 2 Marketplace supports multiple languages and multiple currency support.


  • Need to add more popular payment gateway system
  • More available themes for customization will be added advantage.

    Customization Possibilities - yes

    Demo – Yes

12. Purpletree

    Purpletree is one of the best multi vendor marketplace extension. To create your own Magento 2 multi Vendor marketplace extension. This complete solution allows you to add multiple provider features to your Magento 2 module store,

    Examples include Vendor Dashboard, Vendor Panel, Commission setup, Product management by vendors, and Shipping management by vendors. It works on all themes and any issues found will be resolved by the support team.


  • It Supports multiple languages
  • Offers comprehensive admin/customer/vendor features
  • Admin can manage the bulk products to import and assign them to vendors in a single import
  • A user can apply to become a vendor
  • Instant messaging system for vendor
  • SEO management
  • Vendor can manage their own products and orders through vendor panel

    Silent Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Module

  • Online movie booking eCommerce platform
  • Cab booking eCommerce platform
  • Electronics eCommerce Platform
  • Fashion eCommerce platform
  • The health and glow product eCommerce Platform


  • Extensibility and customizability
  • Magento 2 multi vendor module Customizable product options enable a wide range of products.
  • Customizable payment and shipping options allow for many different usage scenarios for the consumer.


  • Magento 2 marketplace extension is complicated to operate and has a high learning curve from the perspective of the management user.
  • The very special installation requirements also make it difficult.

13. Magenest

    Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace will convert your current Magento 2 store into a marketplace. It has the best primary key to attract customers in any marketplace, Magenest offers a series of toolkits to motivate vendors and increase products, boosting customers' traffic and purchases.

    If you have difficulty managing multiple customers in a marketplace? With this multi-vendor Magento 2 extension, you can manage a number of vendors in your marketplace at ease in a systematic manner. We also support the development of policies and mechanisms to sustain supplier quality and client satisfaction over the long term.


  • Supervise vendors’ orders efficiently
  • Fixed commission for each vendor
  • Compatible with any type of device
  • Online promotion of the product
  • Enable vendors to forward their questions to the owner of the marketplace
  • Customers shops products from magento 2 multiple vendors at the same time:
  • Customer’s feedback and rates them.

    Popular Use Cases Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

  • Tours and Travel eCommerce platform
  • Online educational training eCommerce platform
  • Online e-Booking platform
  • Online food and beverages eCommerce platform
  • Fashion trendy eCommerce platform


  • An unlimited number of attributes and attribute sets can be created to describe products.
  • Possibility of launching several stores with a single installation.
  • Simply integrate and optimize an magento 2 multi vendor extension eCommerce store


  • The multi venor marketplace extension can be expensive, and developers are usually required to install them.
  • The updating site layout should be more intuitive

14. Magetop

    Magetop is a leading magento 2 marketplace extesnion, it will simply convert your conventional Magento store into a multi-vendor marketplace

    The Magetop magento 2 multi vendor platform is an exceptional multi-vendor Magento 2 extension that offers plenty of features to convert your Magento website into a fully functional eCommerce marketplace similar to Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy.


  • It Allows multiple vendors/sellers to record and sell products
  • Control over your Sellers/Vendors and their products
  • Charge commissions for each seller/vendor
  • Responsive Seller Panel
  • Commission management
  • Simple order management
  • View Orders from Seller Panel

    Splendid Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Hyperlocal eCommerce platform
  • Smart Mobile & accessories eCommerce platform
  • Beauty products and Cosmetics eCommerce platform
  • Travel eCommerce platform
  • Electronic eCommerce platform


  • Magento 2 marketplace scales very well! This means that if you continue to add more products, there is not a significant performance decline.
  • The attributes are well built by considering alternative e-commerce options.
  • It is relatively quick with decent integrated capabilities.


  • Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace should have an integrated medium for dimensional shipping methods.
  • Changing the design or making changes is also extremely difficult,

15. Knowband

    This extension helps you turn any e-commerce store into a Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace by connecting a bunch of sellers to a single platform. It helps them reach their customers and begin selling in no time. It facilitates attractive options and a full range of customizable options, where you have full control over your products, invoices, and other key aspects that make the Magento 2 marketplace extension up to the trademark.

    It also offers a separate interface for sellers so that they can deal with their account settings, transactions, sales reports, and other essential operations.

    **Highlight **

  • Enable converting the Magento site into Marketplace
  • Multiple vendors can register and sell their products
  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • Bulk emailing option
  • Sellers can manage their products, invoice, and shipment in a responsive seller dashboard
  • Admins can set commissions for vendors
  • Vendors can manage configurable products

    Impressive Use Cases Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace

  • Online bookselling eCommerce platform
  • Food & Snack online eCommerce platform
  • Online ticket booking eCommerce platform
  • Electrical and electronic eCommerce platform
  • Healthcare and Organic eCommerce platform.


  • Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension is fully extensible so that you can accomplish all the special needs for a customer without having to build a custom site.
  • Magento 2 marketplace is powerful and fast on a good web server. It can manage a large number of products and customers with success.
  • Magento is easily integrated into other systems.


  • Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace is known for its bugs in the early releases of each version.
  • Magento should enable you to add custom fields to the customers.

Summing it up

    To succeed in your online business you should have clear knowledge about all the leading magento 2 multi vendor marketplace software and magento mobile app. With this article, we hope you have gained enough information and we believe that you can get the perfect one that is ideal for your business needs.

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